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FAMILY SESSION - Snow, boys, and a dog who absolutely loves the camera

I know I've mentioned it before, but I seriously love watching these kids grow up in front of my lens. I had the honor of photographing this awesome guy since he was brand new. Now he's five and a half!  Big brother has also grown quite a bit since then... I think we need a little throwback to really appreciate this... Then: Now: And here's Ryder...probably the happiest-to-be-in-front-of-the-camera dog I've ever met! The boys would pose, then Ryder would decide to run up and pose with them. Good boy!!!! These guys are going to be close forever. #brotherlylove

Senior Session -- Olivia

I'm discovering that I love my own backyard more and more. What's even better is having beautiful people to photograph. Olivia came for a quick session, and she was lovely, the weather was warm, and the shoot was so amazing. And with the whole COVID-19 situation, I ended up rigging a temporary natural light "studio" in our pole barn because I wanted to try a few indoor poses without being too indoors.