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Upcoming Shoots

I'll be doing more non-client shooting soon--such as portfolio-building, practice shooting (trying out various lighting techniques), and book cover shoots.  I'm always learning new ways to shoot, and am currently taking courses on book cover design--it's not as simple as it looks! I've learned SO MUCH, and now I finally--FINALLY!--have a little shooting space of my own. I absolutely need to do more shooting, so if you are interested in modeling for me (little or no experience is fine), let me know.  I am  especially  looking for those who have been involved in theatre--school plays, local theatre, etc.,---you all can follow direction well and don't tire of posing very easily. Also must be okay with dogs (we have 2 labradors). Note: This will almost always be in exchange for digital images---what is known as TFP (Trade For Photos). The only exception would be if I am commissioned by a company for a commercial shoot, in which case I will be looking for specific and