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Spotlight: Paige

Model:  Paige Heath, College Student/Dreamer A little about you: I'm attending Oakland University for Musical Theatre. I love singing, acting, and modeling. And I own the cutest dog in the world. Three Random Things About You: 1. I play the clarinet 2. I don't like burgers 3. Sweaters give me life Favorite quote or phrase: "Creepy caramel" -My boss Someone who has had an impact on your life: My parents. They're right behind me with everything I do. They believe in me with all of their hearts! Advice you would give to your younger self: Don't let fear get in the way of you doing things that you want. Go for it. You won't care what these people think in a few years. You got this. This is actually the first time I saw Paige---she played the character Bet in the musical "Oliver!" Paige had filled out my little modeling questionnaire when I was reaching out for volunteers, and it worked out that she was ab