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"Studio" Headshot

One of my favorite things to shoot is professional headshots and bringing my little "studio" to my clients. I have portable equipment, and sometimes I simply improvise, but I truly love everything about it. Kelly needed to update her professional profile as a financial advisor, and our goal was to meet the requirements listed as standard for her company. One of the requirements was a professional studio portrait with white background. I brought the studio to her, and set up in her living room, using my diffuser as a backdrop, a reflector to my left, and my umbrella with off-camera flash to my right (not shown). (That's a little train set table under my diffuser)  Aww..... :) We took several shots, tried a few different outfits, and within a week she was choosing her favorite shot to use.    It was one of my favorites as well. :) When asked if she had any advice she'd give to her younger self if she could, Kelly said, "If you don't lik

Tae Kwon Do Couple

I've been itching to get back to doing more studio work again, specifically a little Mark Seliger-inspired shooting (for those who don't know....he photographs a lot celebrities...he has a beautiful clean classic style. If you think "Vanity Fair"'re probably picturing his work). I reached out to my friends, and Maegan said she was willing to come pose for me. We set up a time when I'd set my "studio" up, and she and her hubby Daniel stopped by my house. I love the story of how they met... "Daniel and I met when I was 8 and he was 12. I went to a Tae Kwon Do test, and he was testing for his first black belt. I joined the class to be around him and he trained me to my first black belt. We became friends and talked every day until he finally asked me out!" Now they've been married for 2 years, and are both rocking those black belts--and teaching Tae Kwon Do to others. Here are some of my favorites from our shoot