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Keep It Real

I'm proud to say that I personally know this amazing lady--she's our next-door neighbor, and I love her beautiful soul, and her fun, spunky spirit!  It's those qualities that propelled her to a career in clinical social work, and most recently, to open her own private practice in Midland: Keep It Real! Counseling    Anne Marie stopped over for some headshots. I'm normally an on-location shooter, but I happily invited her over to my fancy in-home studio (aka, the spot by my kitchen window where my table usually sits). As much as I love love LOVE to shoot natural light indoors, we pretty much had zero light that day. It was dark and gloomy outside.  Thankfully, Anne Marie is a whole lot of sunshine herself, and we were able to make it work with a little flash finagling---light was bounced, laughs were shared. Advice she'd give to her younger self? "Don't worry about what other people think of you! Do what YOU want to do with your life! Be kind