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New Baby in the Home

I used to do in-home newborn photography. By "in-home", I mean I would pack my van full of blankets and props and backdrops and reflectors and a light and head to the client's house. Then I would unpack my blankets and props and backdrops and reflectors and light, shoot, then repeat that process. And I loved it. However, I'm not getting any younger, and that was a lot of haulin'. I also started studying headshots and portraiture for men and women, and my photography was definitely veering in that new direction. I had decided to stop shooting newborns. My fabulous photographer friend is amazing at wrapping, handling, and photographing the babies, so I've been referring people to her. I've recently started falling in love with lifestyle photography, which captures the family in their natural habitat. I'm just dipping my toe in these types of shoots, but I look forward to doing a few more this year. Thanks for having another gorgeous bab

I'm Not Cold...Are You Guys Cold?

Actually, we were all pretty cold. But everyone was absolutely amazing. We were out and back in, and then out again as quick as we could be. And they knew how to bring it.