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Self-Portrait, Vermeer/Bouguereau-Inspired

When I was twelve, I went on a field trip with my school to the Detroit Institute of Arts. There I saw the painting "The Nut Gatherers" by William-Aldophe Bougereau, and I've been so in love with his work ever since. About two years ago, I tried my hand at recreating that painting: His: Mine:  I've also recreated a few other paintings, but this year I wanted to try something else. I wanted to be *in* a piece of art that I might hang on the wall--something a little different from a regular portrait. Inspired of course by Bougeureau  And perhaps a little Vermeer But especially by this light coming in our garage through the small windows Seriously. This is what I believe is what it means to be a photographer. Seeing that light. And dying inside until you are able to shoot in it. The shoot was fairly impromptu. I had bought this white top at a rummage sale earlier that day. 25 cents. Oh yeah. I did the best I could to blend t


This is a wonderful British family who moved in the area from Belgium. Senior portraits aren't really a thing over in other countries like it is here in the US, so I was more than thrilled to be able to shoot theirs. :) Here are two very brilliant young people, who have an amazing future ahead of them.

Cynthia Drake, Travel Writer

We found each other through a mutual friend (hey, Rachel!) who gave Cynthia my info a few years ago when I was shooting sessions above the Bean Me Up coffee shop in Coleman. That was the first time I photographed her, and I was so happy to hear from her again asking about another shoot. She no longer lives in Michigan, but she stopped in on her way from Mackinaw Island. I'm so happy she did---I loved chatting, and she's absolutely wonderful to photograph! Cynthia is a very talented travel writer. You can check out her work here:  Cynthia Drake Website Or follow her on Facebook:  Facebook Page

The Talented Cheyenne...and Family!

This lovely lady is a very talented local wedding photographer and friend.  It was lovely meeting her precious family and photographing them in her own home.  These girls! So sweet and beautiful  Her photography partner  The gorgeous, the very funny and sweet Cheyenne