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PVP---Photoshop Challenge

If you haven't seen the Photographer Vs Photographer challenges, you should check out our page: For the Photoshop Challenge, I created this image: This was shot in a studio setting. The two cutie pies are Melissa's kiddos. I had them pose, looking at my off-camera flash I had to stitch a few shots together. Here is the "fairy jar": The fairy was my beautiful niece We borrowed Melissa's old prom dress... And Cora posed delightfully She makes a perfect fairy! UPDATE: We won this challenge! Thanks to everyone who voted---you all are great!

Family Photos -- On Vacation [Gladwin Michigan]

Summertime! Going "up north", camping, getting together with cousins... Love that this family thought to have a photographer come out to grab some photos of the whole gang... I love how relaxed everyone was...lots of love in this family! Even the dogs were there, getting into the spirit of the photoshoot :) "People leave traces of themselves when they feel most comfortable, most worthwhile." -Haruki Murakami