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Farm Boy

I love seeing these little ones grow!  Speaking of growing, we met up at his Grandpa's farm for his one-year-old pictures!  Grabbed a few with big brother, too! Who, by the way, was excellent at getting this li'l guy to smile. Check out this day old here! Psst....Mom...this is not the one you saw on the back of the camera that night. I caught the calf blinking! So sweet!) (Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and big Brother are all standing just outside of frame. Just in case)   Someone loves his Grandpa  And corn. I think he loves corn, also.

Mr And Mrs

I had stopped shooting weddings in the past few years, as my equipment is geared for portraiture. Basically, I swap out lenses a lot. Which is all fine and dandy during a portrait session, but a bit trickier when there's a timeline and lots of spontaneous importantness going on. Like a wedding. I've slowly started adding to my equipment stash again, and offering photography of elopements and very small marriages. I also freelance as a second shooter to some fabulous local photographers...feel free to email me for info). The beautiful casual backyard summer wedding of Jen and Aaron Perfect summer day, friends and family gathered around, lovely wedding on the water... ...blessings from passing boaters. And *the* kiss (not everyone's a fan of that part) Presenting the new.... Mr & Mrs! Group photo time... Everyone cheesing A few more from the day... the love!  And I love how they couldn't stop laughing.