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Sarah's note: As I continue pursuing the art of portraiture,  some beautiful, amazing local women will be featured here. The best part, for me, is getting to know these women a little more.  Simply fascinating. Name : Sara I am a : wife, mom, photographer, volunteer, online shopaholic, and a sticker addict. Something that makes me happy : I love when my family and I have NOTHING to do. A day just spent hanging out together is my happy place. Someone in my life who has helped me along the way: My husband is my ROCK. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life, and since I was 18 he has helped me  through  it all. He's my biggest fan, encourager, and can make me laugh when I am down. He's always willing to listen as I bounce ideas off him and has been so supportive as I've chased this little dream of mine. Advice I'd give to a young person : Love each other. Spend your time building yourselves up and not tearing  eac

Sister Seniors

Had a beach senior shoot with these lovely twin sisters Mom says they are complete opposites They are each incredibly stunning! I think I could have photographed them for a few more hours...or days...easily.

Independence Day, Baby!

I got to photograph this little darling again Love those baby blues! And with the 4th of July coming up, big brother got in on the photo-taking action Cuties! I hope everyone has a super fun Independence Day!

Speaking of Family

I love my kids, and truly need to stop and grab photos of them more often. Being a photographer, it's too easy to think "I'll snap a photo of them next time I have the camera out." And trying to get them all in the same room, especially with six of them----it's like herding cats. But you know... it's all worth it. They are worth it. So thankful to God for every one of them.  I love these guys so much.  *mushy heart*


I had shot these in anticipation of offering a special series of portraits for parents this year. Of course, initially the shoot is for mom, but years down the road, the value of these portraits increases, and the children are the ones that also benefit from having shots of them with each parent. Life has a way of getting interesting, and I ended up having to take a short break, and I was not able to set these sessions up.  So I will save those for another time. For now, I have to share a few of my faves from a little shoot I did of this mom and her daughters. I love photographing them!  I did get individual photos of mom with each girl....again, I cannot stress how special that shot is.  If you're reading this, grab a camera or phone, and snap a photo of yourself with someone you love. 


A long, long time ago, I shot his older brother's and sister's senior portraits. Back then, I had just switched over to digital from film, and it felt as though the world just opened up for me.  There were a few times I went photoshop-insane, and I hope those never show up on the You Are Not A Photographer website. Hey, I thought I was pretty clever at the time. :) But one of the things I am still proud of are these collages. Mom has one of older brother and older sister, and now it was Sam's turn for senior portraits, so we had to fill that third frame (mom thought ahead). If I can find the shot of the other two frames, I'll post it, but here is Sam's.  It's 5" across by 30" long, which is a pretty cool size. 

Dow Gardens

Met with her for a shoot on a lovely spring day at Dow Gardens. Beautiful young lady, who is very talented, has a love for horses, and an amazing personality Love when their inner light shines through!

PVP - The Nature Challenge

The last Photographer Vs Photographer challenge involved creating a look out of garbage bags. Votes were taken and we were neck and neck for a little while, but Melissa pulled ahead with her glam garbage gown. Check out the details here: The Garbage Bag Challenge I lost, so I was charged with sending a little gift to one lucky voter.  That voter received a Marvel Superheroes coffee mug, filled with M&M's. Proud of my nerd/geek side shining through! Also....mmmmmm M&M's.... Since Melissa won, she got to choose the next challenge--- The Nature Challenge Our shoots evolved around a nature theme.  I chose spring. Favorite season ever.  I asked Emony to be my model. She has such amazing facial features, her own artsy style, and she's fabulous to be around. I  wanted to do something a little avant-garde with her and came up with a plan---robin's nest, apple blossoms...spring spring spring! I had scoped around for a tree with some b

How I Tote

With my headshot/branding sessions, I offer in-person ordering. I love it. We meet up approximately 2 weeks after the shoot, and my client sees all of the final images, each printed as 5x7"'s in an 8x10" mat.  The best part of this, in my opinion, is the ability to look through the images, sort through them, create piles of must-haves and maybes. Just seeing one's own image printed and matted as you would see's a lovely thing, and I adore presenting the images to my clients this way. It's so great for the client to take home their images right then and there. I needed a way to carry these matted prints, along with the folio boxes that comes with some of the package options.  I've been using the Large Utility Tote from Thirty-One Bags, and everything fits perfectly.    I love how lightweight these bags are! Discovered recently they they have LIDS for the bags now! Ah! Happy camper! Also....I love doing the in-person o

New Graduate

He was getting closer to graduation, and we had only done a few head shots last fall (yearbook deadlines---don't want to mess around with yearbook deadlines!) Fast forward to this spring.... We still had a few weeks (?!) before graduation, so we met up for a quick senior portrait shoot. Anyone from Beaverton know this guy? Since I'm starting to LOOOOOVE shooting moody indoor black and white portraits when it comes to guys, I set up my light and we shot a few of those when we got back. Great-looking guy. Bright future. Proud to say we're related..that's my nephew right there!

Digitals and Prints

I'm currently updating a few things. One of the products I'm excited about is how I will be doing digital file sales. Now, digital files are much more versatile than prints. I completely understand why some clients prefer having the files. Once you have the file, you can order as many prints as you'd like, you can order invitations, create and order calendars, photo tshirts, coffee mugs...the list goes on! They are quite valuable. The thing is, as a photographer I put a lot into getting an image looking *just right*, and most consumer photo labs use printers that are generally set to auto-correct---what the machine *thinks* a print should look like. It's disheartening to see an image printed way too light/dark/contrasty/green.  But it happens, and I'm not enough of a control freak to hunt down every digital file my clients have to be sure they're printed as they should be. However, I do want my clients to at least have a reference to go b

Fellow Photographer

I love photography, and I have made some very special friendships with photographers--my heart has grown so much by getting to know others that share the same interest. When Sara asked me to do a shoot for her updated website, I was so excited! She owns a studio in downtown Ithaca, and it's perfect! I'll post more on her in a little bit, but you'll want to check her out. Sara Bonacci Photography She is an amazing person---so beautiful, inside & out!

Prom--Vegas Style

One more thing that I offer on occasion is prom & event photography.  This year we shot a prom that had a Vegas theme. I had scoped out Pinterest, planned out the set-up, sketched it out, bought materials (a list if those below, if you're interested), and started building props the week of prom. This is what I bought: Pool noodles (for archway) Balloons (for archway) Deck of cards (floor decoration) 10 pieces of foam board for dice (5 black, 5 white) Rubber bands (tied 4 inflated balloons to each rubber band to slip onto pool noodle for the arch) This is what I already had: Backdrop Backdrop stand Weights to hold archway down Cardboard tubes (slipped them inside the pool noodles to hold them together sturdily (this was a last minute realization) So I made the two large dice the week of by cutting and super-gluing, and cutting/pasting dots. I started blowing up balloons the morning of prom. I had 6 garbage bags full of balloons. Tied them to ru

PVP--Garbage Bag Challenge

The last Photographer Vs Photographer Challenge was to create an image based on your favorite movie. If you haven't seen that, check out this link: PVP Movie Challenge I won with my portrayal of THE PRINCESS BRIDE. Yeah!  Winning that challenge meant I got to choose the next challenge while Melissa sent a gift to one lucky voter. The next challenge: The Garbage Bag Challenge! We needed to create a gorgeous look using trash bags. I used this And these And a few of my kids  (daughter was more willing than son) And one more son These bags had the yellow straps.....which I thought would make beautiful ribbons on my model. Melissa let me use her gorgeous backdrop Seriously. I die.  Harper Foco is a beautiful young model who came to pose for me. I decided to go a little bit Edgar Degas Final Image I die here, too. She's beautiful! Before/After: Oh, I'm happy. To see the details of the challenge, as well