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Photographer vs Photographer

There's nothing like a little friendly competition... Before you scroll down any further, check out this's got all the juicy details: Photographer VS Photographer Go ahead. Click on it. I'll wait. To sum it all up,  Melissa Prout  of  Prout Portrait Studio  challenged me to see who could come up with the best stylized portrait using thrift store finds. The Rules:  Spend $20 or less at a thrift store to create a look Allowed: scissors, sewing kit, and tiny clamps Also allowed: typical hair/makeup products, model's own footwear (b/c thrift store shoes can be a little ew!) So...I headed to Goodwill in Midland, my thrift store of choice. Snowy day selfie! First thing I saw was this cute little number... Nah...that'd be way too easy. Then I spotted THESE Yeah, baby! No, seriously...yeah! I fell in love with that collar on the dress on the left. For reals. And the other dress....well, it has lots and lots of material


Sarah's note: As I continue pursuing the art of portraiture,  some beautiful, amazing local women will be featured here. The best part, for me, is getting to know these women a little more.  Simply fascinating. Name : Jody I am a : child of God, wife, mother, teacher, and writer Something that makes me happy : drinking coffee and eating chocolate while reading a good book Someone in my life who has helped me along the way: My mother has always been a huge encouragement to me in everything I've ever done (and still is) Advice I'd give to a young person : Dream big, but work fiercely. Favorite quote : "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." Martin Luther Jody Hedlund is a successful author of Inspirational Young Adult, Historical Romance, and Historical novels.  Check out Jody's website: She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. Her whole family is

Black & White

There were some photography techniques I wanted to try, and  this guy was super great and agreed to be my model... Not that he had much of a choice... ...he's my little brother. (He also lets me use his kitchen countless times while we are in the midst of our remodel. So yeah, he's pretty cool like that.) And if my other brother reads this....... you're next.

Family from "Up North"

We've known her and him for years. Years! They live a few hours north of us, but came down for some visiting and some photos. And it is so fun to see their family grow Look at these cute kids!!! ***baby yawn*** So blessed to know these guys!

Sweet At 3 Months

This baby girl turned 3 months old around Christmas Incredible blue eyes! Beautiful, beautiful baby Love those little baby fingers! She adores her mommy And mommy adores her babies!

Senior Girls

These are some fantastic ladies right here Already doing amazing things Little bit of sass And a lot of fun! Beautiful, inside and out! Looking at a bright, bright future for these gals!