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Tribute to Bouguereau

When I was a teenager, I went with a group on a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts, and I saw French painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau's 1882 "The Nut Gatherers" and fell in love.  so I recreated it. *sigh* Here's a pic of me in my college dorm room. If you look closely..... You see it? (Yes, and I fell in love with Anne Geddes during  my freshman year at Michigan Tech) I love that painting. Found out earlier this year that the painting was actually going on tour, and it was stopping at the Midland Center for the Arts! I posted a link to the article on my personal Facebook page. A friend, Karen, commented, mentioning it was also her daughter's favorite painting. Now, I've used photography before to recreate paintings, as a way to study light, posing, composition, as well as learn post-processing techniques, etc.  A lightbulb went off.  Not only was her daughter blonde and willing to pose,  but Karen suggest


I was just sitting here going through some shoots from this past summer. Are all those babies and kiddos really as adorable as I think they are? Yes. They definitely are. I photograph the cutest cuties!

Winter Minis

A few images from the winter minis this year (yes, I am a little early this year. A little.) :)

Dow Gardens Girls

I graduated high school with the mother of these cuties. We had planned a date to meet up at Dow Gardens. On my way there, it was raining.  And raining. And raining. Then it stopped, and we had beautiful light for these beautiful little sisters Perfect little ladies So perfectly fun!

Baby Brother

There was quite a little baby boom this year! Here's one sweet little guy who had the sweetest little pout  Those cheeks!!! No lack of adoration in this family!  (I think they like him!)

Shoot out

I have several very talented photographer friends, and once in awhile we'll meet up simply to shoot together and pass along tips and techniques. Our latest "shoot out" was in Bay City, and we had some wonderful models to work with.

Pretty Pretty Baby

This new little girl was such a sweetheart  Those little squishy arms!  Love, love, love! So very, very lovely! And I think big brother loves her very, very much

Puppy and Cattails

I love using Melissa as my muse, and they recently brought home an adorable little boxer puppy. I had an idea to photograph the two of them together, piecing together a dress out of material that I had on hand, and finding a good spot for the shoot. As it turned out, there was a perfect little area on a dirt road just behind my house.  I was mainly looking for cattails to accent little Sully's beautiful brown fur,  but not too far from the cattails was a lovely patch of trees. Beauty all around.

Sweet Baby Girl

There was a little boy I had been photographing since he was a baby...and I was excited to learn at one of his sessions that there was another baby on the way! Such a lovely, lovely momma! And soon came along a very lovely little baby girl! I photographed her as a newborn... and went back later when she was 6 weeks old... Oh my goodness, that face! We even got big brother in front of the camera for a few shots... Look how he's being so careful with her!