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Winter Stylized Art Session

Remember this past winter? The really really cold winter? We picked one of those days to have a snow shoot! This was a Stylized Art session.  I had planned out the shoot, and created the dress. Which is not really a dress. The top part is is a stretchy shirt that was an Ebay purchase. The bottom is a tulle skirt, made by yours truly. The "collar" is made by taking a headband and gluing dollar-store roses to it: I used a button and a hair rubber band as a closure I made cuffs using sleeves from an old shirt....  ...and those crazy gorgeous dollar store roses. My model was simply amazing... Gorgeous, fun, and she followed my posing directions so beautifully... ...and she's tough!  This girl handled the zero degree weather without one single complaint. She's amazing!

Gorgeous Mom of Soon-To-Be Three

I had the absolute honor of photographing my friend Melissa, who is an amazingly talented photographer... ...and the perfect maternity model as she was expecting Baby #3! She's so gorgeous... ...and being a maternity photographer herself, had this lovely pink gown on hand (that's sweet baby Norah in there ^ ) This last photo was something I had pieced together after Melissa sent me a link to a gown she liked. I brainstormed a bit, and came up with this: The top part of the dress is a small piece of stretchy material that Melissa uses for her little newborn clients. The bottom flare is made up of eyelet pillowcases, doilies and lacy baby dresses, all safety-pinned together. Voila! One of my favorite images to date. To check out Melissa's own portrait work, click here:  Prout Portrait

2016...Are You Ready?

Had a great senior portrait session with Chris... first '16 senior of the year! We met up at Chippewa Nature Center  Fantastic weather! Speaking of fantastic...  Check out that ^ tie. Made of wood! Great looking guy with such an amazing personality Someone's got a very promising future just ahead!