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The Traveling Dress

Gianella Simon, a photographer and fellow member of a worldwide modern women's portraiture group, purchased a vintage wedding gown, and had the fantastic idea to pass the dress around, from photographer to photographer, each one shooting it in their own unique style, and compiling all the finished images as one complete project. Thus, the Photohood of the Traveling Dress was born. Photographers from all over the world are participating, and I'm very excited to be one of the photographers representing our great state of Michigan. I had seen the dress from Gianella's photos, and I began sketching the vision I had. As beautiful as it was, I wanted to incorporate my own personal create-something-with-what-you-have touch on it. So, the day came, and the dress arrived, with a lovely note from Gianella. Finding a model that fit the dress was a little tricky--the dress was tiny! I had planned on a model with blonde or red hair, and I had several gorgeous young ladie