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Wisconsin Wedding

I (er, "we" husband came to second shoot---he's also a pretty good traveling buddy...) had the absolute pleasure of traveling to Wisconsin to photograph the wedding of this stunning young woman. We've known her since she was a little girl---wow, how time flies! The dress was beautiful The rings were beautiful The wedding couple was beautiful It was a beautiful day to get married! The wedding party was great! At the reception  there was this lovely cake The bride's brother put together a slideshow for the couple (it was awesome) Then there was a game Everyone had a ball! I kept pulling the couple aside towards the end of the reception for "just a few more shots" Thank you, Anna & Dan for letting us share in your big day!

Li'l Farm Boy

I've photographed this happy little boy before and now he's 6 months old! Already! Gorgeous little family With a super duper sweet little guy *love love love*

Inspired by Gentileschi

Photo by Sarah Davis Photography I've been inspired by old paintings lately to practice my ability to see light, color, vantage angles, and posing. These artists had time to sit and look and really think about how light was touching their subjects, and to use that to create beautiful masterpieces. One painting that caught my eye is "Young Woman With A Violin (St. Cecelia)" by Orazio Gentileschi, which is in the Detroit Institute of Arts. It is approximately 3.5 x 4 ft, framed. I love the lighting, the rich colors, the way she seems to have stopped, mid-playing, to look heavenward.  Also, I think I have the same backdrop as Gentileschi. I happen to have a beautiful friend who plays the violin. Beautifully. After a little bit of planning, some scarf-collecting and rescheduling, she came over for the shoot. She brought her 3 daughters (my kids were thrilled!), we ate pizza, and then headed to my makeshift studio (aka, our pole barn).  I had absolut


This little girl is only one week old and already has such a sweet personality Mommy loves owls... and this is her favorite little owlet of all. 

Family Coming Together

We had such a beautiful evening for this family's session--- I love holidays that bring everyone together :) What a wonderful family to photograph--every single one of them!

Chocolate Rocks

Traveled across the U.P. for Anna & Dan's wedding.  It was so lovely. On the way home, we stopped at one of the gift shops and picked up some treats to bring home to the kids.  My new favorite candy. Prettier than M&M's. Speaking of Anna & Dan's wedding, I had sneak-peeked a few photos on my Facebook page shortly after the wedding: Super sweet, super gorgeous couple!


This whole shoot was planned around a simple popcorn bucket. An Orville Redenbacher's popcorn bucket, to be exact. One of my favorite photographers, the very talented Craig Lamere, who is amazing at stylizing shoots & photographing women--who could take an old 80's prom dress & a few twigs, and create gorgeous high-fashion photography---this guy challenged us to create a headpiece using a popcorn bucket & dollar store flowers. (Thank you, Craig---amidst a crazy summer, this challenge was just what the doctor ordered! It was like megavitamins for the creative part of my brain.) So I thought about what I was going to do....initially I was going to go black/gray/cream, with flowers of those colors (I hadn't gone to the store yet) and I started looking for old newspapers b/c I wanted to do some shapes out of old newspapers to add to the hat (contest rules: we can add whatever we want, as long as the headpiece has a popcorn bucket & dollar store flowers)