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Photo Sessions For A Good Cause

This is Chris. He's 16 years old. Chris is my cousin's son, and he has become quite familiar with doctors & hospitals since he was born. Here's a little quote from his mom, to give you an idea of the kind of guy he is: "It really amazes me how he takes the thought of having open heart surgery in stride. He says to me "I'm not worried at all. " That's good, because deep down, I am worrying enough for the both of us! He really is an inspiration. He's been through two surgeries as baby to have his pancreas removed, making him a diabetic since practically birth, he gives himself 4-7 shots per day (depending on his appetite, growing boys eat a lot!), and he still smiles through it all. I'm sure some days he asks himself "Why me?" or "What else do I have to go through?" (I think that for him sometimes), but he never lets on if he does. When I heard that his major heart surgery was coming up, I wanted to help them

Baby, Baby!

I stopped by a friend's house yesterday and took some photos of their 7-month-old twin boys. They were pretty curious about the blankets and rug I brought. (and also my camera, lenses, skirt, buttons, toenail polish, etc.) One of the little guys has a calm, contemplative personality; his brother is a bit more go! go! go! (Can you see who is who?) Both so incredibly adorable *love love love*


Does anyone else do photo challenges? There are so many great ones out there...and for awhile I never joined in because I didn't want to commit to something that I might not be able to follow through on. (Because I really really really don't like to quit something I start. Really.). And this is pretty much what my life looks like. But 3 months ago I finally joined one that a few Facebook friends (and former schoolmates) had started. Challenge: Food   For this one they had a different theme every day.  This one was "Food".   (I was beginning to like this challenge thing) Challenge: Close up  It was only a 30-day challenge...I figured I could handle that.  Challenge: Water  The challenge ended up being a fantastic experience for me. Challenge: Shadow It made me take time to really think about the image I wanted to create. Challenge: Movement Even when I wasn't feeling well (like the awful headaches I get), there i