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A Special Project

Years ago, shortly after my parents were married, my mom bought framed prints of a man & a woman praying. She's mentioned them through the years, how the woman reminds her so much of her grandmother, and how one day she hopes her own grandchildren will remember her that way. Fast forward 42 years....still happily married, still loves these paintings. They have 12 grandchildren now. I thought it would be kind of fun to recreate those images, using my parents as the models.  So one day I headed over to their house, one of my backdrop boards in tow, stopped by Fruchey Foods and picked up some bread & cheese on my way over.  (I did call to make sure my dad hadn't shaved his beard off yet. Told him not to shave within the next hour or so, at least).  I studied the lighting in the paintings. Found a good spot to shoot, with light coming from a window on one side, and from the sliding glass doors behind where I was shooting from. We put a dark brown blanket on

Modern Day Glamour

I am teaming up with Melissa Prout of Prout Studio & Design, LLC in Coleman to provide modern women's portraiture. We are planning a day of sessions just for the ladies on Friday, April 18th (contact one of us if you're interested!). To celebrate this, and to get a good feel for working together, we spent a day at her studio, shooting and having a great time. :) We did a shoot with Willie, who is a model, and also does hair/makeup. She's talented, beautiful, and super sweet. Looking forward to working with her again soon! We also had a little giveaway on our blog, and Shawna was the recipient of that. She is absolutely stunning, came prepared with lots of fun jewelry (and we had a few dresses at the studio that she looked fantastic in!) and was such a pleasure to photograph! She's a momma of two, and she has gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, and a fabulous smile. >photo coming soon<

Saturday MiniSessions

A minisession is a miniature version of a regular session at a designated location. They're short & sweet. :) I held a spur-of-the-moment day of minis on Saturday...and some beautiful people were photographed... *love*