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It's Getting a Little Personal...

The other day, some photographer friends and I had a girls' day out. We met at Melissa Prout's studio in Coleman, and we had SO MUCH FUN. We took turns photographing each other, chatting, snacking, and laughing. And so I was photographed. I'm not on this side of the camera very often, and I'll explain why in a moment. Oh, and be sure to keep reading, because at the end of this post, I'll also show a "before" picture (no posing, no editing), then a picture that shows the difference posing makes, and finally the picture (above) showing how I would do an edit. I've taken an interest in modern women's portraiture over the past year or so. I've invested in courses, watched videos, read articles and tutorials about lighting and posing and editing. I've studied/practiced/studied/practiced and created a website devoted to this new aspect of my photography.   I'm taking on sessions now at Divine Salon and Spa in Midland, and I&

Update on Sessions

I had briefly considered phasing out my regular sessions this year so I can focus on my women's portraiture, but I realized I just love them too much. I'm going to continue offer these sessions, but will be limiting them to Friday mornings. 2014 Session Pricing can be found here: 2014 Session Pricing I will also be offering family mini sessions on certain days in the summer and fall. Check back here on the blog from time to time for those dates, or better yet, "like" my Facebook page so you don't miss out on the updates. Sarah Davis Photography Facebook Page

Class of 2014

Thought I'd showcase some of the seniors I got to photograph this year. From what I can tell, the Class of 2014 consists of a lot of talent, amazing skills, plenty of smarts, loads of personality, and of course, absolutely stunning good looks. Take Taylor, for example… and Gavin… and Angie... and Luke... and Abigail... and Anthony. I rest my case.  These guys are all awesome. I'm foreseeing some very, very bright futures. (That last guy up there is my very own. Proud momma right here.)