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Little Lions Fan

I met this sweet little boy the other day *love* that little hat!  Big sister is super sweet as well …and a little side note, based on today's game: GO LIONS!!! (you have some super cute fans) Little guy was so sleepy (and oh my goodness, super cuddly) A handsome little addition to a wonderful family and also a handsome little sock monkey.

Fall Family (Mini) Sessions

For the past few years, I've been offering minisessions on certain autumn days in our good little town of Beaverton. The families were beautiful, the colors were gorgeous,  and thankfully, the weather cooperated with us. :)

Siblings at Whiting Forest

I met up with these guys at Whiting Forest This little brother was the newest addition, three months prior Such a happy little boy! Every single one of these kids is super sweet Brotherly love Sisterly love Beautiful family *love*

Family at Dow Gardens

This wonderful family braved the autumn air for a little stroll through Dow Gardens. Three year old twins, and their four year old big sis. They are all so sweet. :) Brother was sticking close to mom, so these two got to spend a few minutes of girl time together Great-looking family, and I love the colors they wore! I especially love the little guy cheesing at his mom here. He sure does love her!

Little Farm Girl

I don't know if I've ever seen a little girl that loves animals as much as she does. She loves this pony... She loves this chicken... She loves this horse... Her momma loves this horse as well---she's had him since she was a little girl. They are such a wonderful, sweet family By the end of the session, she was gathering animals to pose for the camera.  The last shot of the day: The obviously love her as much as she loves them.  :)

They're Married!

Remember these two? They're Engaged! Well, now they're married! A few details... It was raining and raining while this was happening: But shortly after this: The rain stopped.  Good thing, too, because the bride had this awesome door prop for the outdoor photos. So awesome. As are these two... Not to mention, the whole wedding party drove these very cool vintage cars Such a gorgeous, fun couple---what a beautiful day it was!