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Guess who's two?!

I love visiting this little sweetie pie Can't believe she's the big O-2! Loving those beautiful blue eyes! she sleeping?? Could she really be asleep?? Ha! Silly girl! Happy birthday to a very beautiful, very sweet little lady!

Tiny Little Princess

This sweet little blonde was so brand new When she was asleep... she was a beautiful princess. When she was awake... she was still a beautiful princess. So unbelievably sweet Loving those little feet! And best of all, she has a big brother & sister That love her very, very much.

One Year & Counting

These two were celebrating their first wedding anniversary They are such a great-looking couple (very fun to photograph) (which I like) (a lot) My kids know them as "Scout's parents" Good dog.  :)

Butterfly House

It was cold & damp outside, so we met at Dow Gardens and had our little shoot in the Butterfly House I can't say that she was absolutely thrilled about being photographed the entire time (hee hee...I can't help it. I love that picture!) but give her a bunny, and let her sit on the red steps and everything was right as rain again. It also helped that Mom & Dad were making funny noises right behind me. Speaking of rain, it held off while we finished our session... probably because of that sweet sunny smile!

It's You, Babe!

I had the opportunity to meet & photograph the owners and staff of  It's You, Babe (a few of the photos...) They are the manufacturer of Prenatal Cradle Products, and are all such wonderful people. It was such a nice day meeting and working with them! Hair/makeup by Lynsee Kessler.