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Women Being Beautiful

My photography is starting to move in a new direction-- women's portraiture. This past Saturday I had a day of minisessions for ladies (you can learn more about these sessions on my other blog here:  Being Beautiful. Now.  ) Here are a few of the photos.... I'll be adding everyone else's as soon as I get a chance.   **love** I loved these so much, and everyone was so wonderful, I want to plan another one soon! Contact me at if you're interested.

Spring Portrait Party!

A portrait party is an event where I will set up studio in someone's house, and the hostess invites her friends over, and each guest has their own minisession. This is the first one I've done in awhile, and I had so much fun---I think I need to start offering these more often. :) And I just can't get over how much adorableness passed through the house that day! Case in point: This handsome guy... This beautiful girl... This lovely princess... This darling lady... This gorgeous trio... This super cute duo... This delightful gal... This charming boy... And the sweetest bunny ever! Thank you to all those that came, and especially to our wonderful hostess, Lindsay! You'll be hearing from me again soon! :) If you are interested in hosting a party, feel free to email me for details. :)

Bean Me Up!

There's a new coffee shop in Coleman, and I was very happy to take my camera over there for a visit. :) This is Ann Marie---the beautiful lady that runs it The beverages are delicious Right, girls?  (two of her daughters) She bakes these cookies/muffins/cinnamon rolls that are just amazing **love** (two more daughters) She also has wonderful bread & bagels there  Hard to resist. (one of her two sons.....I need to track down her other boy....) Congratulations to the whole Monaghan family on the opening of  Bean Me Up! In Coleman, right on the corner at the blinking yellow light. Perfect. Check them out on Facebook! Click here and then "Like" their page to keep up to date: Bean Me Up on Facebook