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A Girl and her Kubota

I was so happy to go see this girl again She has gotten so big since our last session! And she has a cool new tractor We played some peek-a-boo Heehee---so fun! But the very best part was when she came over and sat on my lap during the shoot. *love* She was so snuggly!

3 Months' Worth of Sunshine

I met this little guy on a beautiful springlike day in JANUARY (remember that weather??). He had the sunniest personality... That smile---so heart-melting. What a handsome boy he is! Close-up with teddy He's got this "being adorable" thing down already... I'm just loving those cheeks :) Squishy babies are awesome! I'm so happy I got to photograph him...what an absolute joy he was!

They're Engaged!

With only hours left of the old year, I was happy to be able to get one last session in... ...and it was this wonderful couple: We went to her grandmother's home, where there were some awesome outbuildings. Beautiful ring, and absolutely stunning eyes. Such a great-looking couple! Towards the end, we took a few shots of the whole family.  :) (He has got to be one of the most beautiful labs I've ever seen!) So much to look forward to this year.... Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It was a pleasure meeting the two (three) of you! I'll be back in touch when your book is ready.