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Now This Is What I Call Fun

A few days ago, a group of photographers (that I’m very happy to be part of) had a little shoot-out at Chippewa Nature Center. Krista Green (of Krista Renee Portraits) organized some models for us. I didn’t get a whole lot of the family that modeled for us, but I had so much fun photographing Stephanie. She was amazing to photograph, and I *loved* doing the extra creative work during the post-processing of these images. I don’t usually do this type of photography, but I think I want to start shooting like this more! I had so. much. fun. She came dressed as an ice princess... She did her own hair & make-up She was absolutely stunning! What a wonderful job posing for us... She even brought her own snow! Thankfully, we didn’t have real snow that evening (ie, it was warmer than 30 degrees), but we still had gorgeous color. And the trees were nice, too. Thank you, Stephanie, for braving the chilly air! You are absolutely beautiful!

Session at Our Local Museum

It was great to see this family again... We met at the Sanford museum, on one of those chilly autumn days we’ve been having lately! Mom & Dad look so good together The kids are so pretty, & handsome, & pretty again! And I should mention that the youngest had her very first loose tooth that day! Very exciting! (Has she lost it yet, Mom?) This fun little bridge was already decorated for Christmas What a sweet family! It’s always a joy to see them!

Sweet Little Brother

I got to meet a gorgeous new little boy... I love how big sister is so proud of him! Check out those baby wrinkles Oh my GOODNESS! Love it! What a sweet, sweet blessing this little guy is I haven’t even looked thru all of the images yet, but had to share some of my faves from the ones I’ve peeked at so far. :) Mommy & Daddy (& Big Sis), thanks again for sharing your bundle of joy with me!