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Showing posts from September, 2012

A Boy And His Dog

These two make me smile every time I see this picture I think this was the first time a dog ever smiled for me! The little guy has eyes just like his momma So blue, so beautiful! Such a cute little outfit What a silly boy! Handsome, too! I want to just squeeze him---isn’t he darling??

Latest Senior Session

I take on senior sessions now and then, and this was a quick one, but I think it’s one of my new favorites. First we did a few basic headshots inside Super photogenic guy---makes my job easy! And then we headed out. With lots of books. I love the glasses. And the tie. And the suspenders. And the books. One of my fave shots of the day  :)

Handsome Little Fella'

Photographed this little guy in his home 3 months old, and all kinds of handsome! What a cutie pie! Heehee...makes me want to reach through my computer and scoop him up for some cuddles. Thank you to Mom & Dad for letting me come & photograph this wonderful new addition to your family!