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Beautiful Senior

I had so much fun photographing this gorgeous young lady She has the most beautiful smile, doesn’t she?? We did lots of shooting. Lots and lots. The images have barely had a chance to cool, but I wanted to share a few of them for now. :) Our last shot of the day...isn’t she lovely?? Psstt...I’m almost done with these. I took 3x as many shots as I normally do--she was so much fun to photograph!---so it’s taking 3x as long to sort thru them. One more for now until I can get them all ready & in your gallery...

Evening Photo Shoot

I have really been enjoying photographing women lately.   We're still putting things together for a series of minisessions very soon---just for the ladies---I’m so excited about it (and I’ll be posting some info on that as soon as we’re all set)! In the meantime, I met with 2 other photographers, Jenn Bovee & Rachel Esterline, last night and we had a fun evening of photographing my very beautiful sister-in-law (and her just-as-beautiful daughter--my niece Leah). Thank you, Casey, for putting up with the heat, and for looking all gorgeous for us! I have many, many more photos, but I’ll save those for a day when we’re *not* celebrating our nation’s birth with parades & fireworks & cookouts. Happy Independence Day, America!!