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All That Hair!

A beautiful baby girl with a ton of beautiful dark hair What a little sleepyhead! Big sister wanted to be my helper, so she sat real close and was so good, but she just couldn’t resist stealing a quick kiss when the little one started to wake up. awwwww.... *love* Hello, Baby...’re such a sweet blessing!

Ladies’ Day

I have been becoming more and more interested in “Beauty Photography” lately, which is, simply put, portraits of women. It’s not Glamour (no feather boas), it’s not Boudoir (no undies as outfits. Or feather boas.). It’s photography of women being themselves--beautiful *now*. Today. So I planned a day of picture-taking so I could put to use some of the things I’ve been learning. I want to thank each of the ladies that came out! You girls are awesome! The galleries are still not put together just yet, but I wanted to give a little preview... Taylor helped me out tremendously--not only by letting me practice on her (below), but she was in charge of reflecting light onto my subjects. She did a wonderful job! My sister hosted--we did the shoots right in her kitchen Thanks, Stace! And each one that stopped in was not only beautiful, but very very patient while I tried to remember all that I learned about lighting, posing, & camera/lens settings. :)

3 Month Old Sweetness

Met a gorgeous little lady this morning So absolutely sweet & perfect--look at those eyes! I had so much fun with’s a vintage take on my new flower blanket: Isn’t she a doll?? The images are still fresh off the camera, but I just couldn’t wait to post a few :) Mommy & Daddy---I’ll be in touch soon!