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Leap Day Session

I’m so glad that I got to spend my morning with this stunning little lady ...definitely good use of this “extra” day of the year--she made my heart happy! She made the sweetest little faces! One of the last that almost didn’t happen. I was packing up my stuff when her parents were flipping through the sample proofbook and told me they liked this pose from a previous session. So I gladly pulled the camera back out. Be still, my heart. I love love love this. Mom & Dad---the images are still super fresh off the camera, but I had to share at least one a few of the shots. :)

Oh My Goooodness!

I got to meet a beautiful 5-month-old the other day... and ended up with some seriously cute images. (I have my favorite shots from each session, and this was one of those that practically made my camera jump with joy as soon as it was shot). What a little beauty! And those pretty, pretty eyes *love, love, love* She was such a sweetie!

A Little Nest

When Mom mentioned doing an image with this darling in a nest, I had pictured exactly in my mind what it would look like... I was sure there would be snow on the ground, and I was going to photograph the nest on a day where we had big snowflakes falling all around. However, since her session, we haven’t had a good big-snowflakey snowfall! Which is crazy, because is it not February? Are we not in Michigan? I still went out and shot the nest (for composites like this, I like to photograph Baby first, and then plan out the lighting & position for my prop). And I still ended up with the prettiest little birdie! (Composite image shown in “vintage”).

Sweet Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue, Come blow your horn... Or not. He was sleeping so peacefully! I met this cutie when he had just turned 8 days old Oh, I loved this relaxed little boy! Look at those wrinkles! **Love!** Mommy had this sweet bear hat... Perfect! He even gave me a little hint of a smile... :) I can’t wait for the proofbook to get much adorableness in one little book. (Mommy & Daddy--I’ll be in touch soon!)

Tutu Adorable!

I had posted once about her already, as I was getting ready to head out to another shoot, but I found some extra moments today and thought I’d spend them posting a few of my faves from her session... I had made a few tutus and brought them with me when I came to her house. She sure made them look adorable! And I learned that she sure loves her toes: Heehee...Yummy! Here she is, “standing” with Mom... The love in her face for her mommy was so apparent that I had to grab a shot when she glanced up at her. She made so many cute little faces---so absolutely precious! Thank you, Mommy & Daddy, for inviting me to come & photograph this beauty! I’ll be back in touch within a week with news of your proofbook. :)

Little Bit of Sunshine

It’s pretty cloudy out there, but I got to meet this beautiful little girl this morning...and she brightened up my whole day! Heehee....just look at that tongue! This photo makes me smile--couldn’t help but show Mommy & Daddy right away!