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Beautiful Blues

I just couldn’t get over this 6-month-old’s big blue eyes Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?! I had so much fun photographing her---can’t wait to show you the rest of the images, Mommy & Daddy!

New Baby!

Stopping by the blog real quick to post one from this morning... I was photographing this sweet baby boy, and we had the other “child” pose with him for a few shots. She sure loves the little guy! I haven’t even gone through the rest of the images yet---but I came across the images of the two of them when I was transferring the files and thought this was too sweet to *not* share with Mommy & Daddy!


I had mentioned offering portrait parties in time for Valentine’s Day, but my January schedule filled up before I had a chance to choose which days I could set aside... So instead of a full day of sessions, I have a few “regular” openings left between now and Valentine’s Day, and anyone that books one of those is welcome to invite a friend & split the session cost!   (Offer also applies to those who have already scheduled a session in January & February).   These are on-location sessions, specifically the Midland/Gladwin area.