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(Not-So-Mini) Minisessions

The sessions were moved to Ross Lake Park in Beaverton (after I drove past and saw the leaves and decided I couldn’t *not* shoot there). There were a few probs finding it for those coming from out of town (darn GPS’s!), but thankfully everyone ended up in the right spot. I found that the sun moves pretty quickly this time of year, and also that I’m really not that good at calling children by their own names. But all in all, I am super excited about how smoothly everything went! You guys are all great, and my sister and I are both touched by how many families participated. You guys are awesome!! I am super DUPER excited to show you guys some of the images. I have lots more---I haven’t even looked thru them all yet---but I wanted to share a few that stood out to me as I was glancing over them. Here are some of the proofs that will be in online galleries next week. :) I photographed these two when they were babies! They’re growing up! And just as adorable as e

MiniSession Weekend

I just wanted to give everyone a great big "THANK YOU” for the fantastic weekend of minisessions! Due to the gorgeousness of the trees just down the road from her house, we ended up doing the sessions at Ross Lake Park. True to my overshooting self, I shot waaaay more images that I intended to---couldn’t help it! So, for those waiting to see their proofs, there will be plenty to choose from. :) After everyone was photographed and gone, I took this photo of my sister with her 3 kids, just outside their home. I love them so much! Sneak peeks from the sessions coming sometime this week---I can hardly wait to share!

Here For A Visit...

Here are two beautiful little girls I had the opportunity to photograph just before summer ended. They came all the way from Idaho for a visit. Aww--they are so pretty! Little Sister was very sweet, a little shy... And Big Sister was just as sweet, and loved being in front of the camera. Got a few with their lovely mom...and I love these images too much to not post: Opposite personalities for sure, but both were such sweethearts.