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Girl Next Door

So, technically I’m not photographing seniors. I am generally babies-only as far as photography goes, especially during the school year. But for the most part, school hasn’t started yet. And I do make a few (very few) exceptions. One being our beautiful neighbor girl. (There are a few other exceptions, but I’ll blog more about those a little later). I have a lot to share, so I’ll talk really fast....and show a few photos at a time... She has the kind of eyes that photographers, like myself, absolutely adore photographing. The clarity and color of her eyes are so breathtaking. The idea was hers, the chair was mine, and we kind of share the field. It was worth lugging out there, right Mom? The next picture was next to this really cool old farming-thingie that they had behind their house. Not sure if that’s the actual name of it, but it was fantastic. Had grapevines growing on it, even! We did several indoor-studio type shots, and then some outdoor shots like t

Outdoor Family Session

As most of you know, during the school year I focus on photographing babies, but this summer I took on a handful of family sessions. I’m so glad I did! I was so excited to photograph this great family I knew Mom from back in grade school, and so much has happened over the years. She is still absolutely beautiful, inside & out, and now she has a beautiful family to match. I love how the camera loves them! Their three sweet children: Emma, Leon, and Izzie* *not their real names. Just names that I’m sure I called them at some point during the session. Because I’m good like that. :) I loved Mom’s idea of bringing little flags to represent the country in which each child was born I absolutely adored these guys! Thanks so much for such a fun session on such a perfect summer day! Photos were taken at the Chippewa Nature Center in Midland.

One Week Old . . . And Oh, So Beautiful!

I just couldn’t wait to share this gorgeous newborn So absolutely perfect in every way I loved photographing her! She even gave me a few smiles Heehee....just look at that sweet face! These were all photographed in the comfort of her own home. Thanks to Mommy & Daddy for sharing your precious little bundle with me!

Birthday Boy!

Here’s a sweet guy that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing since he was 3 months old I can hardly believe it---he’s a whole year old now! Having a few boys myself, I can understand how wonderful a big truck can be.   And this little man sure loves his Tonka truck. Especially since he can sit back and cruise in it.   (I guess big sister often helps him with the cruising) Happy Birthday to a very sweet, very handsome little boy!