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Speaking of Precious Babies...

In a previous post I mentioned a sweet little baby girl, and now I have another little lady to share... Shortly after this session, her photo was entered into the Precious Baby Contest at the Gladwin County Fair (contest was sponsored by Right to Life of Gladwin County).   And guess what??!! She won!! Look at that sweet face!  You know I love those eyes! For the second half of the session we went outside and I photographed her sitting on a horse (a real one, even---not a toy horse like I had envisioned!  ha!).  I thought it was so cool---this was Mommy’s idea---he was her own first horse. One last photo---a vintage style one of her in her christening dress. She is such a beautiful baby!

Precious Baby Girl

I met this beautiful baby as a result of a contest I hosted in May (which was a little while before she was due to be born).   She finally made her entrance into the world, and I went over to her home and photographed her---she was such a perfect little model! Could she even be more perfect?? She was no bigger than a she is in Daddy’s protective hands, wrapping her tiny fingers around his thumb. Being held by both Mommy & Daddy.  Somebody is very well-loved. (She also has 2 big brothers that adore her!) When she slept, she slept well.    So peaceful and beautiful.

Yes, he really is this cute in real life

I got to start my weekend out with this sweet little guy Such a cutie! Look at him peeking at me with those gorgeous eyes! I took lots and lots of pictures of him--I think we wore him right out.  What a sweet little crooked yawn! He really enjoyed being swaddled right up....I was excited to capture this little “kiss” while he was sleeping The image files are still fairly fresh outta the camera, but I just couldn’t help but share a few before the day is over.

All The Joy Times Two

It’s always fun to photograph a baby and meet a new little personality. And twins sessions are twice as much fun for that exact reason:  I get to meet TWO babies, born on the same day, to the same parents, but have such wonderfully different personalities.   It’s so neat to see! Here is a sister/brother combo, just as cute as can be! Look at those sweet faces! Heehee... Aren’t they adorable??  :) He’s such a handsome little man Just look at those amazing eyes! She’s a little doll Reminds me a little of the famous Gerber baby.  So pretty! We somehow were able to put all that cuteness into one basket. What a joy it was to meet and photograph them!

Perfect Way To Start My Day

I got to spend this morning with these adorable twins and their equally-adorable big sister! I had photographed them as newborns---and today I couldn’t get over how big they’d gotten! They are all such sweeties!  I just couldn’t wait any longer, had to share a few!  Thanks Mom & Dad for sharing your sweet children with me today!

Weddings? Well, okay, sometimes “I Do"

My hubby & I used to shoot weddings several years ago. I have decided to hang up the wedding-photography and focus on Baby/Young Children Sessions for a little while, at least until I have more time & better backup equipment for it. But between you and me, I admit miss it a little bit. There’s just something about being part of the action on *the* big day, with everyone looking so gorgeous, and pretty colors everywhere, and flowers, and... Okay, so my arm doesn’t have to get twisted too hard to be talked into taking on a wedding once in awhile. With Mark shooting by my side (or in front of me, arranging people for group photos, which he is so much better at than I am!), I get to enjoy the thrill of wedding-photography every now and then. So this year’s wedding was a nice outdoor wedding. It’s a pretty brave thing for a couple to plan an outdoor wedding, and we were happy to see that the weather was simply beautiful. And the weather wasn’t the only thing that was bea