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Blue-Eyed Cutie

So fairly recently I decided to expand from just babies to also photographing young children. And I’m so glad I did! It gave me the opportunity to meet this little man He’s sooooo sweet! Just check out those baby blues! I love how he loves his teddy Yep. Love. :)

Growing Fast!

Here’s another little guy that I’ve had the honor of photographing before Now he’s old enough to sit up all by himself! I’m in love with that little arched eyebrow! And his silly faces! What a ham! A little tummy time...with a big grin But I think Mommy-time was his favorite time of all!


Sometimes a baby is tiny bit camera-shy... like this adorable 12-month-old girl Heehee....look at those toes! It took a little convincing, but she did end up agreeing to stay and have her picture taken. And I think it was well worth it--look at that sweet angel face! Two frames later, I got the feeling that she was done for the day. She still can’t help but be absolutely adorable!

Baker’s Man

This was my third time going to visit him for pictures, and once again I had so much fun! He let me photograph him as a little baker. Pat-A-Cake! Isn’t he just the cutest-ever baker’s man?? He also wore a baseball cap, which didn’t seem to want to sit on his head for very long at a time. But we did get this shot: Great job, silly boy! :D I just love those blue eyes, that sweet face, and that happy, happy smile!

Meet My Family

I’ve been working on a little project this summer after realizing my own children are well overdue to have their portraits done! Inspired by a beautiful sunset that my older daughter urged me to photograph one evening, I thought it’d be fun to do some silhouette photography. This is our youngest daughter, Lydia. She’s 4 years old and has been the sweetest blessing. When she talks, she has this tiny little voice that melts my heart. She’s our baby, and she knows it. Next up is Louis. He is 6 years old (today--Happy Birthday, big guy!), and has put the FUN in our family. Whatever he does, he does it big, giving it everything he’s got. Then comes Samuel. My 9-year-old boy with a heart of gold. He’s also our resident expert in aircraft (we’ve sat together reading books and books on it--he can’t get enough). Here’s Susannah--my soon-to-be 11-year-old that inspired the shots. Gorgeous evening wasn’t it? She’s a beautiful girl, both inside and out. Loves animals and is