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A little of this & that

Even though I photograph mainly baby & digi-art sessions, I’ve been doing a little bit of dabbling in a few other areas lately. I photographed this beautiful girl and her brother on a snowy day for an outdoor session. Did I mention they were brother & sister? ;) I also did some senior sessions. A very lovely young lady with amazing eyes. She is absolutely stunning! And, more recently, a good-looking guy (at this point we were snow-free. For a few days.) And this shot was done in his home. I brought my backdrop (which is being held up behind him by his brother & my oldest son, one on each end). I used natural light coming in from the window, with my second-oldest son holding the reflector. It’s nice having so many assistants! Remember this little guy?? This nest image of him won First Place in a contest that PhotoBiz was having. The theme was “Warmth”. He does look pretty cozy, if I do say so myself. I also have been doing some shoot

Sweet Little Fairy

I have a little bloggin' to catch up on, to show you all what I've been up to the last few weeks, but first I've got to show off this darling little fairy from Saturday! ****Squeal!**** This is one of the previews for Mommy & Daddy, but if you know me, you know I can't hardly stand the wait, so here she is, climbing into a teacup on my blog. Love that sweet face & those cute little feet! More blog goodness coming soon!

Newborn Session Giveaway--Done!

Congrats to Kelly Zimmer--recipient of the Newborn Session Giveaway! Your entry was so touching; may the arrival of your little one bring you so much joy & comfort. Thanks to my dear friend and fellow photographer Patti Lehmann Photography who judged the entries (so I wouldn't have to!) And if you entered, but didn't get the giveaway, check your email--I've got a little offer that you might like!