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Showing posts from February, 2011

A Whole Year Old Already!

Had the absolute joy of photographing this sweetie pie again She was so fun! "Peek-a-boo"! I still see you! She loved her Minnie Mouse And her teddy was a pretty good friend, too. I just can't help but say how much I love those little squishy cheeks & sweet curls! I photographed her first as a newborn, and her first year flew right by--it's been so neat to see her grow into such a beautiful little girl!

Hey There, Li'l Cowboy!

The images have barely cooled from being uploaded from my camera's memory card, but I had to share the cutest little cowboy ever... More to come, so stay tuned there, Partner.

12-Month-Old Beauty

I first met this little lady at her newborn session a year ago... And she's still rockin' those tutus! She had a "birthday bear" The bear played a Happy Birthday song that's when she *really* started groovin' Happy birthday, Cutie Pie! On your way to an exciting adventure called Life! You're going to do great!!!