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Gorgeous Little Guy

The last time I think I saw this new mom was back when we both graduated from high school... Just as beautiful as ever, and this adorable little guy adds just the right touch. Mmmmm...sweet little newborn wrinkles! He was such a cutie! Still so tiny & new oh--*yawn*! Love those yawns! One more... *can't help it* Checking out his toes... My hubby was home while I was shooting, and was able to wrestle the camera away from me for a few seconds...he took this shot--I love it! The feathery-soft hair, and him wrapped up like a little egg... I couldn't help but play around with the image. A little. Since I also happened to have a nest fairly handy, and was due for some outdoor shooting anyway. :) What a blessed mom to have such a wonderful baby; what a blessed baby to have such a wonderful mommy!

Oh Those Newborn Smiles!

My heart always does that little happy jump whenever I can catch one of those quick newborn smiles. Usually it's when the little one is asleep, like in this photo of a beautiful 2-week-old girl I photographed this week: She allowed me to capture several while she was sleeping, but she also graciously gave me this one: (I think Mommy makes her pretty happy) What a sweet little angel... I love this image of Baby & Mommy! And this one made me giggle... Beautiful baby, vintage in the roses. What an absolute joy! Lovin' those smiles!

Special Local Shelter Home for Expectant Mothers

Okay, so you know that I think babies are pretty wonderful, and that the relationship between Baby & Mom is an amazing thing, and hopefully my photographs reflect that---it's kind of my way of saying "Look how incredible this new life is!" Well, there are other people that feel that way, too. :) I'd like to bring your attention to a local organization called "Joshua's House". I recently had the pleasure of photographing one of the moms & her precious new little one, and the more I learn about Joshua's House, the more I am falling in love. To quote from their site: Joshua's House is a place of refuge for young women at a defining moment in their life. This Maternity home is an environment where women receive guidance, spiritual and emotional support, along with instructional opportunities that assist them in successfully caring for themselves and their newborn infant. Each woman will receive one-on-one attention and small group

Handsome Little Man

Saw this season's first snow... I was on my way to meet this adorable 3-month-old little guy who had such beautiful blue eyes Everything about him was sweetness and he was very charming with a smile that could melt any lady's heart It was a pleasure to photograph such an adorable little gentleman today! ........... Had to come back and add one last image---one with a little touch of vintage. Love that sweet face!