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"I Heart Faces" Photo Challenge

So there are these fun contests that go on over at I Heart Faces for photographers, and this week's theme is "Pink" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The photo needs to include a human face, and the color pink. I thought I'd finally join in on these contests with my entry. I photographed the baby girl and I also photographed the rose. But I will not lie---I did some digital work. Just a little. ;) I am posting this in honor of my friend, Robin, mom of a very sweet young man, and also a breast cancer survivor. She had breast cancer as a young mother, and I am inspired by the strength she has shown through the different challenges she's faced, even when I'm sure she may have not been feeling so strong at the time. I really think a lot of her. And don't forget to schedule those mammograms, ladies!!!

An Absolute Doll

I couldn't believe how beautiful this little girl was Perfect little nose, eyes, mouth... ...and that little curl on her forehead! I had repaired my rose blanket---and was thrilled to be able to use it again And it seems to suit her just fine. :) She has a lovely momma Who loves her very much Aww...sweet sleepy baby... Sweet little sleepy-head. And for fun...a little flower fairy. :)

A Natural Beauty

I veered off the Baby Photography path a little bit this afternoon to do some portraits of a lovely young lady at Dow Gardens I think this one is my personal favorite: She's so pretty, and so natural! What a beautiful girl! What a treat to be able to photograph a sweet gal on such a perfect fall day!

All Dressed Up!

Had to open this post with a photo of this adorable ladybug! Mom had this great rocking chair Baby had this great monkey blanket Such a sweet princess! ...and an little angel... She did make us work a little for those smiles! :) But what a precious little girl---love!