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Showing posts from September, 2010

Twice as Sweet

I think twice-as-much-baby is reason enough to warrant another post of these twins He has such a cute little round belly! She has such pretty eyes! I'm told that he would have his legs curled up while in the womb, and she would have her legs all stretched out---I love it!

Two Little Darlings

I was so excited to meet & photograph these brand-new twins..and I got to do that this morning! A sweet little girl and a handsome little boy She was so awake & alert And he was laid-back and sleepy What an adorable pair! Cradled in Mom's arms---such sweet little blessings! And what does big sister think of these two cuties? I'm guessing she loves them---a lot!

Revisiting Mother Goose

So I'm going thru my files today, and I came across these cuties from a few years ago... I absolutely adore dear old Mother Goose, and I thought it'd be cute to put together a series of images for different rhymes. I thought it'd be even cuter to get these published somehow, but just it wasn't to be. Still, I can't keep these sweet kiddos hidden away on my computer. a little closer look: The clothing & sheep were made by yours truly. I may still do something more with the images, as inspiration hits. :) Hope you enjoy these--I sure had a bunch of fun creating them!