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Sweet Little Lady

Here is a precious 1-week-old little lady that I had the honor of photographing today I just love baby bellies! A tiny sleeping beauty. I wrapped her up all nice & snug. She reminds me of a little tulip here. Thank you, sweet Baby, for letting me capture a little of what has caused so much joy in your home. You.

Newborn Beauty

I met a little lady today with beautiful eyes and soft hair She gave me great eye contact then she fell asleep and she was still a wonderful little model What a sweet little face! Just before leaving, she posed one last time for me Many thanks to her lovely Momma for sharing such a precious gift with me today!

Cutie at Dow Gardens--all "7"'s

I met with this little doll (and mommy & daddy) one fine evening at Dow Gardens in Midland on 7/07 at 7:00 for her 7-month pictures. Not one to break a good pattern, I thought I'd share 7 of my favorite images from that session: There's that sweet smile! There it is, again! it! I was also loving every single facial expression she had so many---too cute! She was very curious not to mention very patient with the lady behind the camera. :D