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In the Treetop

An adorable little baby came to visit me today...

Little Brother

I had a wonderful time meeting & photographing this handsome guy & his big sisters. He's an 11-month-old cutie and his sisters loooooove him! How fun is it to have a baby brother, huh, girls?? Patty-cake! A few tears were shed, but that's okay, because he had his mommy. And his thumb. How sweet to still hold that trusting little hand...we hold onto them for just as long as we possibly can! Thank you to this wonderful Minnesotan family for letting me bottle up some of those sweet moments during your visit back to Michigan!


Had a session with a beautiful family that recently welcomed a brand-new member... a precious baby girl with soft blonde hair. She was sleepy little thing, so sweet & tiny & curl-up-able. What an amazing, beautiful way for a person to begin!