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Can you even stand the cuteness??!!

Here's a little sweetie that I've had the opportunity to photograph when she was a newborn, and again at 3 months. Now she's 6-months old already! I've got to say...I didn't think she could get any cuter than she already was... but it seems she's been specializing in it! Seriously, could she even get any more adorable?? Why, yes she can! :D What a sweet, happy baby! It was totally an honor to photograph her again today! I loved it!

Sunday Sweetness

Thought I'd add some more sweetness to the blog today... Both these girls are so beautiful. Look at those eyes! Stunning! The baby slept almost the entire time, and I unexpectedly caught both sisters looking at each other. So sweet! I put her in a little wrap while she was snoozing...makes me think of how cozy she must've been all curled up in her mother's womb. Lovin' all the wrinkles!

Sweet Little Guy

I got to take pictures of this little boy very recently... What an absolute cutie! He's the son of a soldier... and a beautiful Mommy (I think she is quite stunning)... Another image with Daddy... I took a lot of photos...wore the little guy right out... ssshhhhh.....