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Just wanted to bring some attention to a link that i have to the right of the blog (in that column over there)--> A beautiful young girl, Rylie, was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She and her family have quite the road ahead of them. Feel free, please, to click on the link and support them, either monetarily, or thru thoughts, prayers, cards, etc... thank you!

Lovely Little Newborn

We photographers get all giddy when we see red hair. I fell in love with this little darling from the get-go! She was such a natural in front of the camera... She even posed for me...I'd say "contemplative" pose here... "silly" pose... "just relaxing and being the adorable baby that I am" pose... This was the very last shot I took that day. Aww....this baby is definitely well-loved...

A Bit of Whimsy

I had a little fun with some of the shots from this session. I bought some pink roses and photographed them specifically for these. Same baby as the previous post...except she's a li'l fairy now! Another take on it. What a little darling she is!

Sweet, Sweet Love

I had the great pleasure of meeting this beautiful mom yesterday, and left with the impression: this mom LOVES her children. I am happy when I can capture even just a tiny bit of that in a photo... This darling little baby girl has several older siblings...and this same pair of booties belonged to every one of them. I thought they were so precious!!