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Showing posts from December, 2009

Worth the Snowy Drive

We had been getting snow on and off, and I was worried I'd have to cancel! So glad I didn't. Drove thru a mini-blizzard and not-quite-plowed-yet roads to get to this house, but it was so worth it! I brought along the red roses for this baby session. They still pale in comparison to the beauty of this little girl! A few of the lovely mom with her sweet daughter. This little baby's expressions are priceless!! Little feet....gotta love 'em! And of course, a little digital play. Saw a lovely wooden bowl with eggs in it in the kitchen. Couldn't help myself.

Newborn Sweetness

I'm finally figuring out the whole slideshow thing (yes, it's taken awhile!). Here's one of a beautiful family that I was able to photograph recently... I fell in love with all that beautiful blond newborn hair and those big blue eyes! That newborn stage only lasts a few short weeks, I'm always so excited when I have the opportunity to photograph a newborn, and to capture this little part of their lives that goes by all too fast!