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Showing posts from September, 2009

Recent Senior Picture Session

I haven't done senior pictures in awhile, and all of my *studio* equipment is packed away (backdrop stands, umbrellas, lightstands, flashes, etc). But I still had one backdrop hanging around, and so I brought it with me to do this session. Here was a family with a great barn! The first image was actually taken inside the barn, using only the natural light coming in, and his mom holding the backdrop behind him. I used my reflector to block some of the light---I wanted to control the light hitting his face a bit. I like how it turned out---my studio stuff may just have to keep getting dustier--I'm continuing to fall in love with natural light! Great-looking guy, great-looking barn. I had a lot of fun with these. And how cool is that red door?!

Some Beautiful Ladies

I absolutely love doing mother/child photography. This first image was taken during a playdate, and I had my camera with me (ie, it wasn't a planned photoshoot). This sweet little girl was getting so sleepy, and so her momma was holding her. So much love in the look she's giving her baby, and she has such a peaceful facial expression ...reminded me a bit of a Grecian statue. Above is another daughter of hers. This time it was an intentional photoshoot at our place. I had fun with an old little "barn" that we have on our property. Such a beautiful family!