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Quiet Time

...cradled in her momma's arms. This little girl is the same beautiful baby pictured below in the seashell photos.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I wanted to take a moment to bring attention to a very special organization. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS) is dedicated to providing photography (session, prints, digital files, slideshow) to parents that are suffering the loss of the most precious thing in the world---their newborn baby. There is no charge to the family for this service. Everything is volunteered and donated. I am a member and shoot for NILMDTS at the hospital in Midland. I really believe the images are a way of telling the parents that yes, this was a very special little life and that their baby is an important little person. The parents also have a sense of comfort knowing that they will always remember what their son/daughter looked like--from their baby hair right down to their little toes. As the photographer, I arrive as soon as possible after the baby is born. I have been greatly touched by the amount of love I've seen these families pour out onto their sweet babies. On the right side of

"Li'l Art" Pt. 3

She sells sea shells down by the sea shore. The sea shells she sells are sea shore sea shells. (Sorry---my kids got that stuck in my head...) These altered images were so fun to do! Here is a little baby girl I photographed, and later digitally tucked her into some shells. Summer, anyone?? :)

Holly Hobbie-Inspired

I did a series of these a few years ago. Still planning on doing something with them. Some day. These little girls are so beautiful! They are sisters, and they're wearing little pillowcase dresses and bonnets that I had made. Below is one of my favorite images of the set....the little girl with the floppy bonnet, the puppies, the bubbles...