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Little Boy Blue

Sweet, happy baby boy. This was shot in my little downstairs "studio". I was standing on a stepstool above this little guy. He's tucked cozily into a basket, wrapped in sheer blue material. Don't you just love how he's playing with his little piggies?? <3

Li'l One

This little guy is just a few days old in this image. His momma is holding him. For this image, we just used natural light coming in from the window. I love the softness of natural light! And I love the fuzzy little newborn shoulders, too!


I just can't help myself! I love bringing the beauty of roses together with the beauty of a baby! Again, here's the saturated red that I love!

Wedding Images

(All the following files are pages selected from the couple's coffee table book.) This is our first wedding at Apple Mountain Resort... I was taking photos of the girls getting ready... while Mark was over taking photos of the guys. Before the wedding, we snuck the beautiful bride over by a window that had some pleasing light coming in... Then she went back to her dressing room, and we brought the groom to that window... The ceremony begins... Afterwards... The wedding party We found another great window in the chapel! Leaving for the reception... The reception... And the cake!

Special Delivery...

Handle with lots and lots of care.

"Li'l Art" Pt. 2

A rose is a rose is a rose... ...unless it has a gorgeous baby nestled in it!

Wedding Images

A few pages from the coffee table book... We capture the details... take portraits... and group photos... capture the love... and of course more portraits.

Cozy Sweetness

Adorable little guy! The camera really picked up the red in his hair! He preferred the serious, thoughtful pose. I love how cozy he looks in the blanket---and I adore his little foot peeking out! Oh, I just love him! Here he is, a bit more smiley this time!

"Li'l Art" Pt. 1

Here is some of the digital work that I had a lot of fun doing. If/when I get more time, I may start focusing on these again. mmm...cocoa... and chocolate... and more chocolate! I even have some non-food "Li'l Art"....I'll be posting those ones later.