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Give her plenty of love, and sunshine...

Here's a cutie! This was another altered image, although if I had a pot big enough to hold her, I would have saved myself a lot of time! She is actually being held by one of her parents.....they are draped with a black cloth so they "disappear". Love the rose bonnet she's wearing---it is perfect for her!

Tea Time

Here's a fun image, inspired by altered-image greats Anne Geddes and Valerie Tabor-Smith. This is 3 different photos that I put together digitally like a puzzle. I sewed that little dress and mobcap she's wearing. Isn't she a cutie??

Sometimes Less is More

You don't always need expensive lenses, lights, backdrops, and props for a decent portrait. Some of my favorite images are shot using nothing but a simple 50mm f1.8 lens and natural light. The above photo is my brother and his daughter. These were shot at a friend's house, using morning light coming in from the window. Here she is, in front of that window again. The window is to my right at about a 45-degree angle. She's sitting on the dining table, and that's the wall right behind her. Sweet and simple.
This is the same little guy that's in the "Spoonful o' Sugar" image (below). Told you he was sweet! This is a wooden cradle that I had, and sadly, I believe I got rid of it when we moved. Rock-a-bye, Baby!

Reds and Greens---not just for Christmas anymore!

I use Nikon, and I've heard that Nikons pick up the intensity of reds like no other brand can. I'm not into the whole camera-brand debate, but aren't these reds delicious?? This little darling is my sweet baby Lydia. She was my first thumb-sucker, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Spoonful O' Sugar

This little guy was so smiley! He's got a big sister who has been to me several times. The camera just loves these kids! This is an example of the "Li'l Art" that I had so much fun doing. Isn't he sweet???

Stunning Little One

This little baby was an absolute jewel to work with. She's comes from a long line of beautiful babies---being the 6th child of a near and dear friend of mine. This was taken a little while ago, but it still remains one of my favorite images. Look at those bright eyes! She is still bright-eyed and brilliant!

Say "I do" in da U.P., eh?

In October we had the honor of traveling 400 miles north to photograph the wedding of a beautiful young lady. We used to babysit Mandy years ago when we lived in Painesdale. Now look at her--all grown up, looking radiant on her wedding day! This photo was taken by the window in the room where she was getting ready, using the natural light from outside, softened a bit by my diffuser... This is Steve. We met him while we were going to Michigan Tech. Mark and I were poor married college students, and Steve took pity on me (for being poor--not for being married-ha!) and would bring me an apple or orange from the cafeteria every so often when I had to hang out on campus all day. What a nice guy! Needless to say, we were very surprised and excited when we learned of their engagement! They chose to have an outdoor ceremony at her home church, way up in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula! This is the couple---just minutes after tying the knot! The light-colored cemen
Ha! I had forgotten all about this blog (which I had started, but never actually gotten around to posting to!). To start it off, I'm using my latest model---Louis, my own 3 year old, who just couldn't stop posing! He looks so much like his daddy, but has his momma's blue eyes! He's one of my 6 favorite child models of all time. :)