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FAMILY SESSION - Snow, boys, and a dog who absolutely loves the camera

I know I've mentioned it before, but I seriously love watching these kids grow up in front of my lens. I had the honor of photographing this awesome guy since he was brand new. Now he's five and a half!  Big brother has also grown quite a bit since then... I think we need a little throwback to really appreciate this... Then: Now: And here's Ryder...probably the happiest-to-be-in-front-of-the-camera dog I've ever met! The boys would pose, then Ryder would decide to run up and pose with them. Good boy!!!! These guys are going to be close forever. #brotherlylove
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Senior Session -- Olivia

I'm discovering that I love my own backyard more and more. What's even better is having beautiful people to photograph. Olivia came for a quick session, and she was lovely, the weather was warm, and the shoot was so amazing. And with the whole COVID-19 situation, I ended up rigging a temporary natural light "studio" in our pole barn because I wanted to try a few indoor poses without being too indoors.  

Senior Session - Lauren

 I've met Lauren before, when I'd photographed her family a few times. Getting to focus just on her for a few hours was a special treat. Gorgeous girl, and a lovely evening!   Here are a few of my faves from our session: And because I believe in printing the images you love--seriously, they are SO MUCH EASIER to pass down to future generations--, I was so happy they chose the option that included proofs.  I had so much fun shooting that there are a LOT of proofs. A lot. Sorry not sorry, Lauren. Still booking senior pictures for the fall! Email   or check out the website Let's get in touch!

Upcoming Shoots

I'll be doing more non-client shooting soon--such as portfolio-building, practice shooting (trying out various lighting techniques), and book cover shoots.  I'm always learning new ways to shoot, and am currently taking courses on book cover design--it's not as simple as it looks! I've learned SO MUCH, and now I finally--FINALLY!--have a little shooting space of my own. I absolutely need to do more shooting, so if you are interested in modeling for me (little or no experience is fine), let me know.  I am  especially  looking for those who have been involved in theatre--school plays, local theatre, etc.,---you all can follow direction well and don't tire of posing very easily. Also must be okay with dogs (we have 2 labradors). Note: This will almost always be in exchange for digital images---what is known as TFP (Trade For Photos). The only exception would be if I am commissioned by a company for a commercial shoot, in which case I will be looking for specific and

Fall Family

When I say I love seeing the families grow through the years...I really mean it. And I know the kids are getting older, doing more things, speaking less "little" and more "big".....but it always surprises and amazes me when I see them! I love this beautiful family...and this little just guy keeps getting cooler. He can't even help it. :)  A few from our session....gotta love autumn in Michigan!

Senior Session - Katy

Katy is another actress whose talent I've had the pleasure of seeing onstage. This girl has wonderful enthusiasm and it's evident that she puts her all into anything once she sets her mind to it. A few of my favorites from our session...