Spotlight: Sara

Model: Sara Weidner, College Student

A little about Sara:
I'm attending a Bible School at the moment. I love anything outdoors--sunny or snowy.

Three Random Things About Sara:
1. My favorite color is yellow cuz it's like the sun.
2. My biggest hobby is rock-climbing.
3. I am the resident mother of my friend group.

Favorite quote or phrase:
"Preach the gospel to yourself over and over again until your heart sings."

Someone who has had an impact on your life:
My mom. She's taught me how to live life on purpose.

Advice you would give to your younger self:
Don't be afraid to lose yourself for Christ.

The first image below is actually one of her senior pictures from 2015. She had already modeled for a winter-themed shoot for me a few months prior, and we've done some shoots since. She is always SO AMAZING to photograph! Not to mention her plethora of great outfits!! I love her energy and her zeal and her loving heart. She is also an amazing young woman in her own right---this girl has so many skills--she welds, she travels the world, goes on all different kinds of adventures...and has styyyyylllle. 
Here are a few of my favorite from our most recent shoot:

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