Family Is Everything

Sometimes the world gets really small, and it's kind of funny when it does.
A friend "tagged" in a Facebook post for someone seeking a photographer in the Wixom Lake area. This is my area, and I just had that Saturday open up, so I was happy to send along my information.
Turns out, they are just down the road from me. Turns out, also, that this is the family of my physical therapist, who I'd just been seeing for an injury issue. I think she's quite amazing, and she always spoke so highly of her family, so I was pretty excited about this.
I was not disappointed. Very wonderful, beautiful family. And the sweetest little 2-year-old.

Mom & Dad
....married 35 years and counting...

Y'all know this is a whole lot of encouragement & inspiration to the rest of us married couples, right? 

The original four...
And Everyone...
This amazing girl (the PT I mentioned above) and her great-looking guy
And this gorgeous family
I think we need a close-up of that little cutie.
I just want to squeeze those little cheeks! So sweet!

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