Self-Portrait, Vermeer/Bouguereau-Inspired

When I was twelve, I went on a field trip with my school to the Detroit Institute of Arts. There I saw the painting "The Nut Gatherers" by William-Aldophe Bougereau, and I've been so in love with his work ever since. About two years ago, I tried my hand at recreating that painting:

I've also recreated a few other paintings, but this year I wanted to try something else.
I wanted to be *in* a piece of art that I might hang on the wall--something a little different from a regular portrait.

Inspired of course by Bougeureau 
And perhaps a little Vermeer
But especially by this light coming in our garage through the small windows
This is what I believe is what it means to be a photographer.
Seeing that light.
And dying inside until you are able to shoot in it.

The shoot was fairly impromptu.
I had bought this white top at a rummage sale earlier that day.
25 cents. Oh yeah.
I did the best I could to blend the styles of the rockin' years of the 1600's and 1800's using whatever I could find in my house.
These are "flowers" from my wildflower bed (aka, weeds that ended up not being from the wildflower seeds I planted after all).
I set my everything up, got the focus locked, had my daughter hit the shutter button for me.
My "Selfie".

I am crazy and thought I'd try something else the next day:
Although, I like the first one best.
That cat, tho.

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